We are getting excited for Back to School!

Submitted by conn.gafe on Mon, 07/30/2018 - 11:17

Just in case you missed it...

Our team created a special send off to remind our students to keep practicing their reading and writing this summer. Any opportunity you can provide our leaders extra practice would be awesome. We want to ensure that we beat the summer slide that often occurs! 

Please watch our very own music video with your child and  have them write, read and tweet out their reading and writing pic to @Connaughtcomets #ECCSReads #ECCSWrites 


Please also remember every student in Grade 1 to 8 has a Mathletics account that our SCC has paid for. Please ensure your child is using this over the summer. The top summer user will be awarded a DQ Sunday at our first assembly. On Mathletics you will find math games that are specific to your child's level and skills. This is a great tool to build fact fluency. Sit next to your child and check it out...it is pretty cool...you can play math games against people all over the world. 

Stay tuned for more back to school news! Until then CREATE A GOLDEN SUMMER! 

And keep checking off your SUMMER READING BINGO boxes! 

Your new admin team,
Lori Daelick and Tamara Spasoff