February SCC Principal Report


February SCC 2018 Admin Report

At Connaught we strive to build leaders that will create excellence in life and learning. In addition to our 17/18 focus on building skilled Writers and Readers, we are also offering our students and community some great resources and opportunities to learn about anxiety and to build mindfulness practices.

These include:

  • Fit, Calm Strong Recess Club (Mr. Sweeney & Mrs. Hines)
  • Kids Help Phone: Counsellor in the Classroom (Mr. Black & Mrs. Park)

(Let your kids know they can call a counsellor for free at any time – 1 -800-668-6868)

  • Run For It – Increasing Confidence and Healthy Ways to Deal with Anxiety
  • Mindfulness in the Classroom – Presenter: Trina Markusson
  • Leadership Learning and Building Student Mentors
  • ECCS Gay Straight Alliance Club

Save the Date: We are also inviting parents and guardians to an information night called Anxiety and Children. The co-presenters, Pam Olsen, Psychologist with Child and Youth and Lisa Davidson, ECCS School Counsellor, will offer practical tips and strategies to help children both understand and deal with anxiety. This is being held at Connaught in Heritage Hall on April 10th from 6:30-7:30. Everyone is invited (adults only).

Finally, help our children reach their goal of being grade level readers and writers.

Provide many joyful opportunities to read and write at home and keep our kids coming to school!

The bonus: If they meet the goal, we will get another hit performance from our very own Dream Team. It might be hard to beat last year’s hit “Read, Read, Baby”.