Our French Immersion Boundaries Have Changed

JUNE 2, 2020 -- École Connaught Community School’s enrolment has steadily grown over the past few years. We have added relocatable classrooms; however, school capacity issues are making it difficult to make the best use of the learning spaces that were so carefully designed with the community’s input.

To ease the increasing enrolment pressures, Regina Public Schools will be changing the boundaries for all French Immersion students attending Connaught.

Starting in September 2020, the following boundaries will change:

  • Students in French Immersion living east of Lewvan Drive and north of Saskatchewan Drive will now be asked to attend École Elsie Mironuck School.
  • Students in French Immersion living east of Broad Street will now be asked to attend École Massey School.

Both of these schools have exceptional French Immersion programs.

School staff will work with families to help make the transition to a new school as successful as possible for your child/children. For information about Massey School, please visit https://ecolemassey.rbe.sk.ca/ and for MIronuck School, please visit https://ecoleelsiemironuck.rbe.sk.ca/

There are, no doubt, a number of questions relating to transportation and daycare. A number of questions are answered below for your information.

Some Connaught Community School families may qualify for an exemption. Details and how to fill out an exemption, as well as a map of transportation zones, can be found on the Regina Public Schools Transportation web page at https://www.reginapublicschools.ca/transportation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the École Connaught Community School principal, Krystal McPherson, at 306-570-9408 or krystal.mcpherson@rbe.sk.ca.

Connaught Community School Boundary Changes

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If I live outside the new boundaries, can my child/children stay at Connaught if my child/children move to the English program?

A: No. Students who change from Connaught’s French Immersion program to an English program will have to attend their neighbourhood school.

Q: Can I apply for an exemption for my child/children to continue to attend Connaught? 

A: Yes. However, if the exemption application were to be approved, transportation to Connaught would not be provided. Exemption applications based on daycare in the Connaught area will need to include proof of daycare – exemptions based on daycare will only be considered for students up to and including Grade 6.  

Q: Where can I apply for an exemption?

A: Exemptions forms are available at https://www.reginapublicschools.ca/attendance_boundaries.

Q: To register to go to Connaught, what proof that I live in the area is required?

A: Proof of address in the Connaught attendance area will be required for registration – proof of address might include rental/purchase agreement or utility bill.

Q: Will transportation change?

A: Students in French Immersion moving to École Elsie Mironuck or École Massey will continue to be transported.

Q: How will I know which school my child/children are eligible to attend and if they are eligible for transportation?

A: All boundary and transportation details are available at https://www.reginapublicschools.ca/attendance_boundaries.